More Than Just Managing: What You Need to Know About Environmental Management

Whenever one says “Environmental Management”, others would hypothesize diverse definitions. (E.g. “If it has the word ‘environment’, it must be about managing greeneries, right?”) If you’re about to get a diploma environment management, here’s a breakdown that will help you simplify to others what Environmental Management is:

First things first.

What is Environmental Management?

With the word “environmental”, it’s typical for others to mistaken it for the profession of handling trees, plants, etc.

Well, cut them some slack—because in truth, environmental management is not that easy to define.

Barrow (2005) addresses it as more of an array of:

  • Goals and visions
  • Methods to mobilize a procedure
  • Applications of a certain set of tools
  • Philosophical exercises

Generally, those abovementioned aim to create newer, better perspectives towards the environment and societies.

Who are the Environmental Managers?

Well, if you’re aiming to become one, might as well know whom you should look up to.

Before planning to take a diploma environment management, you should know that licensed environmental managers have diverse educational backgrounds.

Some are from the academe, the government, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Others are also ordinary private employees that changed careers and servants.

A few are specifically dealing with battling the abuse of natural resources and widespread pollution.

Meanwhile, a majority of environmental managers are really just folks who are passionate about making decisions with regards to the usage of natural resources. They are your regular fishermen, pastoralists, and farmers.

In particular, an environmental manager could also be an expert on providing safety shower inspection requirements to construction firms. If needed, they could advise the firm to install a chemical shower and eyewash station, as part of an emergency shower checklist.


Even though getting a diploma environment management nowadays is attainable, (you can even get one online) it’s not a job for the weak-willed.

Environmental management includes a lot of stakeholders. It demands a multidisciplinary point of view since it can range from local to international.

As mentioned above, its general objectives are aimed towards developing newer and better perspectives. However, goals also differ according to the desire to mould the pace of the development.

Additionally, a unique aspect of environmental management is that it can be worked out by individuals with opposing views.

For instance, a huge, international business may hire an environmental manager who’s coming from an NGO with opposing beliefs to the company.

Decision-making prowess

Environmental management is primarily concerned with preserving and prioritizing the best interests of Earth. More importantly, it’s also focused towards the monitoring of humanity’s activities that impact the environment.

So, if you’re going to be an environmental manager, you have to cultivate a decision-making prowess. It’s helpful for big and seemingly small but huge decisions.

That prowess should be able to help you make decisions that don’t compromise humans and the environment. These decisions might vary from the usage of Earth’s resources to the modification of ecosystems.

And because of those decisions, you could say that environmental management is a political task.

You are not neutral—you are against anything that puts the environment and human society in harm.

More than just managing

Now that you have these ideas, you can correct anyone who says that Environmental Management is simply “managing” of the resources that people use.

Humans may be using resources, but that doesn’t mean they can manage Earth and its other living inhabitants, exactly.

Instead, they can manage what they are doing to the Earth—and that’s the job of an Environmental Manager.


As an aspiring Environmental Manager, you have far better and deeper responsibilities than managing—and that includes being a champion of Earth!

If you’re determined to pursue this career, train with the best, alright? Give a call and get an Environmental Manager’s diploma!