Top 5 Printer Tips and Tricks for Using a Printer Effectively

Printing machines have undeniably become a necessity in every office. They are often considered to be indispensable. However, once in a while you may experience several technical issues and breakdowns when dealing with your printer. Well, here are a few tips to ensure the effectiveness and durability of your printers, for instance, dell printers and reduce the extra cost of maintenance and repairs.

• The quality of the paper. It is important to use quality paper, especially one that is recommended by the manufacturer. Most people tend to buy low quality and expensive paper to reduce cost. This can lead to the production of poor quality print outs and even create paper jams. This could reduce the life of your printers for instance if you are using dell printers.

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Proper environment. You should always make sure that your printer is kept in the right environment. One away from heavy traffic to ensure there is no traffic build up. You should also ensure that the temperature and humidity is controlled for the effective use of the printer. Cold or hot temperatures could alter the ink flow to either thicker or thinner than needed. Always make sure in case of any breakdown your printers are repaired by professionals who are experienced with your particular brand, for example, dell printers repair should be done by certified dealers or by contacting dealers who have the specific model.

• Fixing smeary printouts. This is a common problem in most printers and will definitely happen once if not severally. This will be represented by a smear on every page. It is usually caused by a getting something stuck in the print head. This could be as a result of the nozzle in the cartridge. It call to be easily adjusted in your printers by just removing the cartridge, make sure he tape over the nozzle is removed and if there is some left remove it without touching the nozzle plate. For example, if you are using a brand like printers from dell, you could get help from dell printers support team to effectively carry out the procedure.

• Printing monochrome documents. Most people who use a colored ink printer will sometimes make this mistake especially if you are in a hurry to get some documents printed. It is very important to select the black only option when printing a monochrome document. This process will occasionally work even when you don’t have color toners.

• Ensure you print in the right order.  As much as both laser and inkjet printers come with the printing technology that prints both sides, the laser printer puts the pages in the right order when you pull them up where as the inkjet does not so you are forced to reorganize your stack. This means that the last page prints first while the first prints last in the case of inkjet printers.

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