Why You May Need Help for Sub Floor Ventilation

You may decorate a property or house, make it look staged well, and also sprinkle enough room fresheners to create a lasting impression on the guests once they are invited. But what about the internal permanent problems like damp and rot underneath the floors, and the messy damp smell and mildew at places? They will not just make it an unhealthy place to dwell, but also unbearable when you have closed all doors and windows. The story published on Daily Mail tells a similar happening. A dirty hotel was dumped by 54 people for horrific conditions, including mildew, smell, damp and what not, and this is how public reacts to messy, smelly and filthy environment. If you don’t want prospective buyers or guests coming to your house to react like that because of damp and smelly sub floors, then you must arrange for sub floor ventilation in Sydney.

The dangers of damp in raised floors

Dampness is not much uncommon. You get it on walls and floors, on ceilings too due to water dripping from the roof. Hence people have learnt to dwell with damp patches and light damp areas. But what if this goes too far, and complicates things. Raised floors are often the most susceptible zones, where a rise due to the underneath gasses is formed under the floors, and dangerous smell and fumes get created. Wooden planks rot, and more fumes and smell get up through the floor and concrete cracks. This gives in place for mildew growth and bacteria banks. Patches are formed, your carpets get stained, if any, or the floor is filled with brownish to greenish or white molds, and this adds to more unhealthy smell and patches.

Imagine if you have aged people or babies in home, then how susceptible they would be to germs and several illnesses due to this unhealthy atmosphere? Babies, in fact, crawl a lot on floors and pick up things to eat, and they would be the prime victims of the mold and rot, gas and smell. Hence it is better that you do not wait too long, and plan and call experts who offer services for sub floor ventilation in Sydney.

What is sub floor ventilation

Sub floor ventilation is a smart technique that helps you to fight damp coming in from the raised floors. These are deep-rooted problems, and the solution is to be planted underneath the floor, where the moisture resides. This moisture from underneath the floor comes in and this has to be controlled and totally eliminated with the help of the vacuum suction pipes and gas elimination systems installed. These suction pipes are aimed at patches where the gases and moisture drops are formed, and they suck out moisture and smelly rotten gases from those places. As a result, the floor receives less moisture, stays dry, and the mildew gradually disappears as you clean the floor with strong cleaning agents and disinfectants. You may forget stains and smell too as no more gas is formed.

This is a smart way to protect your house environment so that the property is not rejected by buyers or guests, as you control humidity and damp problems through proper sub floor ventilation in Sydney.